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This is where I was born, a city situated at the mouth of the Amazon river (the biggest in the world). I took my first plane trip at 7-months-old. Moved across Brazil with my family at age 3, and all the way to the good ol' US of A at 14. My hunch is that might have something to do with these nomadic tendencies of mine, wanting to go everywhere and explore everything.

So, back to Belém - If you ever happen to be in that area and want to get away from the fancy restaurants and overcrowded fish markets, stop by the Praça da República downtown and look for street vendors by the Colégio Nazaré. Pull out your handy-dandy Portuguese pocket-dictionary and ask for a delicious and super famous regional dish Tacacá. It’s going to blow.your.mind (and make your lips tingly!) ps. Brazil’s largest magazine, Veja, agrees!

As with any good ol’ tropical forest area, there are only two seasons: 1) hot and wet 2) hotter and wetter – but surprisingly enough, people don't even bat an eye and eat this piping hot stew like it's an ice cream sundae. For you vegetarian folks out there, the ridiculously-over-sized shrimp is optional.

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  1. This is awesome!! Totally love the layout and so cool to hear about Brazil! I'm so excited for you!! Good luck!

  2. Great work!! Can't wait to read about your other adventures :)

  3. Oh my gosh, congrats! What an awesome looking site and am SO thrilled you took the leap. Now you don't need to sneak into future blogger meet-ups. xo


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