5 Tips for Road tripping with an Infant

Our baby was eight weeks old when we took him on his first day trip. Sedona is an easy two-hour drive from Phoenix, and when vovô (grandpa in Portuguese) came to visit, we couldn't pass that up. Ours is a healthy baby and we had the pediatrician's ok to hit the road. Still, we took some precautions and paid attention to the challenges traveling with a baby and Oreo, the pup, brings. What I learned:

1. Baby steps. For his first trip, a short car ride was a good start. Baby always falls asleep in his car seat, so we had a peaceful ride and plenty of room to bring whatever he needed, plus privacy and the luxury of stopping anywhere/anytime; not to mention home was never too far away in case it all fell apart.

2. Travel on baby's terms and schedule. Baby is exclusively breastfed and does so about every two hours. The whole day revolved around that fact, with nursing and diaper-changing breaks every couple of hours to keep him happy.

3. Be prepared. Snacks, water and comfy shoes for the adults, loaded diaper bag for baby. We opted for not purchasing a stroller and instead registered for two baby carriers, which we love for making our lives easier and our baby happier.

4. Know when to call it a day. We arrived around noon and stopped at the US Forest Service Red Rock Ranger Station right outside Sedona for some beautiful views. Once in town, we had lunch at The Secret Garden Cafe, an adorable pet/vegan friendly restaurant, and walked around the beautiful art infused village of Taqlepaque. Since Baby was asleep when we arrived, we just let him nap in his car seat. From there, we headed to Boynton Vista Trail, an easy and quick trail to one of Sedona's famous energy vortexes. Oreo is already a pro at hiking up mountains, and techincally so is Baby (since I did at least 5 Sedona hikes while pregnant) and he always falls asleep in his Ergo pouch. We caught the sunset on our way back to Phoenix, and were home early enough not to upset the little guy, who unlike mom and dad, is NOT a night owl.

5. Keep your cool. Although this was a very successful trip, it was by no means a complete breeze. We were exhausted by the end of the day, but I was so proud for getting out of the house, out of my comfort zone and back to nature with my family.

Boyton Vista Vortex
Chapel at Taqlepaqu
Very proud grandpa on his first AZ hike!

What are your tips for road-tripping with an infant?

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  1. Congratulations! Your post has been featured at BrandNewMomBlog.com Pinterest Party! http://bit.ly/18jYIIA

  2. What an adorable post and blog! I wish I saw a post like this a year ago, now my infant is a toddler and the traveling game has changed a bit. Look forward to following you for more posts!


    1. Thank you Loreann, you are very sweet! Haha the traveling game has ALREADY changed a bit for me, and it's only been four months. I look forward to following your posts as well!

  3. Some great tips here! Few we learnt through trial and error travelling with our two when they were few months old. They love long car journeys now, we so prefer road trips to flying! Looked like a lovely hike too! thanks for sharing :-)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Honestly, even though driving might take longer, the privacy, comfort and flexibility make up for it! Happy travels to you and your family!

  4. in some ways it's easier to travel with a baby with a kid. do everything you can between now and 18 months. Things will change in a big way once they want out of the Ergo!

    1. Haha that's what I often hear... I'm trying to brace myself for that day, but for now, we enjoy our little Ergo-loving little man! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. The featured image at the top of the page looks like Camelback Mountain.


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