Nonprofit Spotlight: Monkey Business Cafe

Where: Fullerton, CA.
In a nutshell: Nonprofit social entreprise.

While visiting Southern California last November, we ate brunch at local restaurant Monkey Business Café. The food was great, the staff nice, the place hip. It wasn't until we were on our way out that I realized there was more to it.

While our family waited for Baby to get 'so fresh so clean', they got to meet the restaurant owner, and he shared a bit about his business. Monkey Business Café has a Workforce Development Program, which gives at-risk teenagers and young adults an opportunity to be employed in a business-learning environment.

The mission: To heal, educate, and empower at-risk youth to become healthy, productive, and self-sufficient adults in the community.

According to the website, the program requires a six month commitment, while participants learn the skills necessary to be a productive employee in the workforce, as well as a self-sufficient adult. Participants work one-on-one with a job coach to foster a pathway to success that includes work experience, employability skills, and living skills.

How cool is that? Not only does it serve delish food and helps folks get on their feet, Monkey Business Café also supports organic coffee suppliers, farmers, and those in transition from pesticide-free to certified organic farming.

Learn more about the program and how you can help at

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