A Guide to Cloth Diapering on the Road

We have been cloth-diapering our little guy from birth, and let me tell you, it's not as bad as it sounds. It's certainly not for everyone, but between baby's health, major financial savings, and lessened environmental impact (when done right), cloth has worked well for our family. We've also been traveling with our little sunshine since he was two-months-old and we quickly learned how to make cloth diapers work for us on the road too.

With Earth Day around the corner and fresh from attending the Great Cloth Diaper Change, this is the perfect time to write this post, covering a topic I've been asked about often.

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We keep it simple and use these unbleached prefolds (1) held with these silicone fasteners (2), under these waterproof covers (4). It's straightforward, super absorbent and probably the cheapest option. We also opted for reusable cloth wipes, like these organic ones (3). This diaper cream (6), this castile soap and coconut oil are the only products we use on his baby skin, and between all that, we have never had a bad rash or a blowout (poo-nami, as I have recently heard).

I hope I didn't just jinx myself.


After some trial and error during trips of different lengths and distances, we found a compromise that works really well for us.

For day trips I still use my regular prefolds and covers. I stuff all the used ones in this miracle wet bag and wash them back at home. The last thing we want to do while traveling and exploring is extra laundry, so if the trip is overnight, reusable covers like gDiapers (1) and Thirsties with these biodegradable (and compostable!) disposable inserts (2) work much better for us. Also, some hotel laundry facilities are less than desirable and if we're guests in someone's home, the courteous thing would be to cut them a check for the added water/electricity cost, since we'd be doing laundry every two days.

Ps. gDiaper covers do tend to leak a bit with their cloth inserts, but with the disposable ones, it's a perfect fit. Two weeks in Florida for the holidays and there were no accidents.

We use disposable wipes for outings and trips; we received some Pampers sensitive wipes as a gift and Baby got a bad rash the three times we used it. We switched to Babyganics (4) and no rash. A little of this (3) diaper cream goes a long way, and the small container works really well on the go. All the dirty stuff gets rinsed and goes into this wet bag (5). And that's it!


This compromise is what works for our family, and I would love to hear about your own experiences, whether with cloth or disposable products.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this! Going to share this post with my sister who loves using cloth diapers with her kiddos! Pinning it!

    1. Thank you for reading, and I'm happy to hear this post might be useful for your sister!


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