A Q&A with the O.G. of Traveling Mamas

...Mine! She was 10 years old when she first flew, and along with my dad, this brave and beautiful woman took me and my brother on flights and road trips all over Brazil when we were growing up. I have the fondest memories of our travels, and I am so thankful for my adventurer parents! Here's a brief Q&A with my fearless mother on this very special day.

TTUP: Tell us about your experience traveling with children.
Mom: Traveling with you guys was wonderful! It was fun to explore, have fun and teach you about geography, history, and connect what you studied in school with the real world. But we had to be organized and be sure our trips would be as safe, comfortable and fun as possible. When you're single/traveling solo, you can go with the flow, you can handle whatever comes your way, such as a sudden change of plans. With children it's a totally different story.

Belem, Brazil - note the fanny pack

TTUP: What are your favorite memories of our family vacations?
Mom: We traveled quite a bit to visit family all over Brazil, and it was a blast! But my favorite trips were just the four of us, so we could dedicate time and attention to each other. We always loved to be surrounded by nature! Some of my best memories are of Porto Seguro, Belem, Domingos Martins, Ouro Preto and Sao Paulo.

TTUP: Can you share some funny stories of our travels? 
Mom: Between us all being accidentally chased by guard dogs in Bahia [when visiting this artist's studio], your brother ripping his pants on a slide, or him yelling 'there's a hair in my soup' when he was tiny in the middle of a very fancy (and packed) restaurant, we have had some good laughs over the years.

Sao Paulo, Brazil

TTUP: You were brave when it came to traveling with us. Thank you for that! Do you have any advice for mamas who are afraid to travel with kids?
Mom: When I had you, I was very young (24) and didn't have much of a sense of fear (looking back, I probably should have!) I just lived in the moment. But in all seriousness, I'd say always have a plan. And a plan B. Research, talk to other people who have done it before. Educate yourself, don't let fear be the only thing you feel. But also don't feel obligated to go places and do things to comply with some sort of social agenda. It has to be fun for you too!

Minas Gerais, Brazil

Thank you mom for this interview (and everything else ever) and to all the women out there who are brave enough to show and teach their children about this big, beautiful, crazy world.

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  1. I love that you interviewed your mom about traveling. How fun! Great post for Mother's Day.

    1. Thank you, Allison! we had a good chat and a lot of fun doing it!

  2. What a wonderful post!! I love that she says her best trips were when it was just the 4 of you!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I'm always impressed when parents travel with their kids. Mine did it with me so I blame them for my ever growing wanderlust. I hope you and your mother had a fabulous Mother's Day!

    1. Thank you Adelina! Do you blame them or thank them? Haha! ;-)

  4. What a nice post! My mom used to travel a lot before she had me, but she rarely talks about it now, I think it's more like another lifetime ago. She only traveled a bit when she had me, but it stopped once we moved to the state we now live in.

    Not sure I'm brave enough to travel around the world, let alone travel with a child.

    Liz → {sundays with sophie}

  5. This is such a wonderful blog post. Our moms were so brave to hoist us onto their laps and take us along everywhere, leave travels!

    1. Thank you Shruti! And hoist us onto their laps they did (car safety in Brazil 20-30 years ago was LACKING to say the least!) haha


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