Every traveling mama deserves a spa day (and how to do it on a budget)

Salamander Spa, Tampa Bay; image credit: Corey Conroy Photography.

Daily life with little ones is tough, and every mama needs a break. Mine often involves Gilmore Girls reruns, a quick meditation, and of course, traveling! But traveling often means wacky schedules, unhealthy foods, tired and cranky kids...you get the idea. And as awesome as it would be to always stay at luxurious five-star resorts, a lot of us travel on a set (and tight) budget. But what most people forget is that you don't need to stay at a resort to enjoy its spa for a day! Heck, you don't even need to travel! I've visited spas like Sanctuary on Camelback in Phoenix, and Fontainebleau's Lapis Spa in Miami Beach while living in both cities, and it was just what the doctor had ordered!

This past weekend, I got invited to check out the newly rebranded Salamander Spa, Tampa Bay at the Innisbrook Resort. It already ranks #1 in USA TODAY’s list of the 10 Best Spas in St. Pete/Clearwater, and I can most certainly see why. Beyond the regular mani-pedi-facial-massage treatments that most day spas offer, Salamander also features an outdoor yoga terrace, as well as meditation and mindfulness treatments, reiki, reflexology, and mother-to-be massages!

The spa entrance offers a cozy and relaxing feel from the start

You might think it seems hard to find time and funds to indulge in a spa day, but it doesn't have to be like that! For example, at the Salamander Spa, a manicure will cost you $30, and it gives you access to most amenities, such as the lounges, the eucalyptus steam room and plunge pool, the relaxation lounges and yoga terrace for the day (see pictures below). Not bad, huh? The resort was a 45 minute drive away, so with a little planning and a supportive partner, I got to relax and the boys got some father-son bonding time; a win-win in my book.

You see, for the first year of motherhood, self care was dead last on my laundry list, (as it often is) and I ended up sick for most of it. This year, I vowed to take better care of myself so I could take better care of my boys. It hasn't been easy to put aside that pesky mom guilt, but it has made a tremendous difference.

Have you ever visited a resort spa? 

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