Visiting Niagara Falls with Kids

This past summer I took our little dude on his very first international trip! We spent a week in the province of Ontario, Canada, along with my parents and my brother's family. We were looking for a fun spot for our growing family's yearly reunion, and Canada's beautiful summer weather combined with an affordable direct flight for me/driving distance for most of the family made it the perfect location!

We didn't try to cram too much into our week, and hung out a lot in our Airbnb home. But one of our most memorable activities was our day trip to see the Niagara Falls! Though places like this can be overwhelming, touristy, and crowded, they also tend to be highly kid-friendly and stroller accessible. Parking was probably the most expensive part of the day, since we decided to stay as close as possible to the Falls. If you're willing to walk a bit more, you'll be sure to find more affordable lots.

- by admiring it from the riverwalk at no cost
- by going up the The Skylon Tower
- by taking a walking tour behind the waterfalls
- by taking a river cruise 

We decided to keep it simple and choose just one adventure, although many people go for several or all during their visit. The Journey Behind the Falls walking tour and the observatory tower (775 ft high) looked pretty cool, but with our three little guys each having his own crankypant moment periodically, we took he river cruise and called it.

view from the riverwalk

Skylon Tower


The cruise was a great way to get close to the action without much exertion. We got to see the American, Bridal Veil and Canadian Horseshoe Falls up close. Yes, everyone gets a fashionable red poncho (the mini ones are actually cute, as are all tiny things) but if you stay behind the glass partition, you won't get wet and still get a great view. I say that because my little guy was tired, cranky, and refused to wear his poncho and/or leave his baby carrier the whole time. DETAILS: Boats sail every 15 minutes, and the trip lasts 20 minutes. The entire experience, from buying tickets to boarding and exiting was straightforward, comfortable, and easy. Adults ride for $19.95 CAD, children (5-12 yrs) $12.25, and children (4 yrs and under) ride for free. 

Tiny ant people on the top left corner

Artsy shot 

More tiny ant people in the American side


The cruise docked at a cute promenade with live music, stores, and some restaurants, just in time for lunch. As we suspected, there weren't that many healthy options for kids, so we packed some snacks and supplemented with restaurant food. The boys enjoyed the live band, and we enjoyed lunch with a gorgeous view. (The Skylon Tower also has two dining facilities, one with family-affordable casual dining, an indoor entertainment center and a food court.)

The day was overcast yet it was still a hot one, so hats, sunscreen, and cool clothes were a must in June. Although they gave us ponchos and we didn't get wet, an extra change of clothes for the little ones won't hurt ( like we go anywhere without a change of clothes). There are many more family-friendly attractions in the town of Niagara Falls like the Butterfly Conservatory, but we found our day trip and river cruise to be more than enough adventure for our group. By the end of our meal we were exhausted and ready to head back, which meant a nice and long car nap!

My iPhone pictures will never do these falls justice, and the sheer size and power of these waters is hard to convey by photos alone. You just have to check it out for yourself, whether you experience if from the Canadian or the American side.

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Have you visited the Niagara Falls? What was your experience?

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