Seven things about me

1. Most random place I've ever been to: Iowa Falls, IA - This city gal had the chance to run through endless cornfields and play in the snow in the middle of BFE, Iowa - and it was super awesome! (Granted, I was only there for one weekend and have yet to run into a place I haven't liked).

2. I learned a whole lot about the Haitian culture from having worked at a Haitian publishing house for many years! Sak Pase!

3. VERY VERY first thing on my bucket list: To hug an elephant if he/she lets me.

4. Cooking is somewhat of a problem for me. People joke about those who burn microwave popcorn... while I just nervously laugh and say "yeah who does that, RIGHT?" (as i rush to fan out the smoke before it triggers the fire alarm.)

5. Music is everything. I grew up in a MUSIC > TV household. I played the clarinet for five years, am self-learning some guitar tunes and started to take drum lessons. Want to make me the happiest chick? Invite me to a concert. Big, small, from obscure bands playing at Propaganda in Lake Worth to U2-like productions - I'm in.

6. I saw the Dalai Lama last year and was truly touched by his speech. He suggested people shouldn't become too attached to a religion, for they become unable to look at other ones objectively and with a truly open mind and respect. But the best part was when he cracked a joke about people boozing up and getting drunk. "Did the Dalai Lama just say the word 'drunk'?"

7. H.U.G.E Gator Fan. Huge. some tailgating action with best friends, some gator football, some brewskies, and we can call it a (very happy) day.

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