7 Tips for Road-tripping While Pregnant

Being pregnant over the summer and enduring temps of up to 115F in Arizona wasn't the easiest thing in the world, but summertime also meant travel time! So with my midwife's blessings, every time a friend or family member came to visit, I took advantage and explored, 'pregnant style'. Here's what I learned:

1. Listen to your body (and your healthcare provider).
I have always been really active and continued to be, as much and as safely as possible, during my pregnancy. My last pregnant adventure was at the 6 months mark, since I felt that all I should (and could) do during my third trimester was to nest and rest.

2. Check road conditions ahead of time.
Spring and summer in Arizona = wildfire season. We got stuck in stand-still traffic for TWO hours between Phoenix and Sedona due to fire-related road closures, in a stretch of I-17 with no exits for miles on end. Luckily we were near Sunset Point, a scenic and highly recommendable rest stop. Just the views alone are worth it.

Sunset Point, Black Canyon City, AZ 

3. Bring tons of snacks and water.
I never left the house without a full water bottle, bananas, clementines, grapes, sandwiches and organic cereal bars, even to go down the street. It might seem excessive but pregnancy hunger is no joke. (Also refer back to tip #2.)

Enough said.

5. Bring minimal luggage.
Keep it simple, you won't want to carry around heavy stuff.

6. Dress comfortably.
Stretchy pants and loose tops are the obvious staples of the pregnant wardrobe, but my saving grace was comfy shoes. Teaching with a baby bump gave me intense back, leg and foot pain, but as soon as I ditched my cute (but completely unsupported) flats and invested in some good ol' comfort shoes, they immediately/magically disappeared.

7. Sleep.
Let someone else drive and take delicious car naps. (I could fall asleep standing up, I was always so tired) and say yes to early nights. I passed up on exploring Flagstaff's renowned breweries (duh) and college nightlife and was in bed by 8:30pm.

Oreo and I on Grand Canyon's South Rim 

Be safe and enjoy your pregnancy adventures! What are some of your experiences and tips? 

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