What kids REALLY want from vacation

I stepped away from the blog for almost two weeks. We spent most of it at the beach with family, mostly unplugged, playing outside, hanging out, eating (and eating and eating), not following a set schedule (aside from the baby's nap times), treasuring our little man's fleeting babyhood. 

And it was exactly what the doctor ordered.

Now, I am well aware that not everyone has the chance to get away and head to the beach at the drop of a hat. But as wonderful as a getaway vacation is, quality time isn't something we find only in a fancy resort or a foreign country - it's something we make, by spending time with each other without distractions. 

Have you all heard of Kid President? He's just the sweetest, funniest little guy around (aside from my own, of course) who knows a thing or two about how to change the world. The Webby award-winning series has helped spread a message of joy and fun, and Kid President's Guide to Being Awesome (Harper Collins) is a New York Times Bestseller.

I came across the new episode in the viral series, about what kids really want out of a summer vacation: whole, unplugged time with their parents. It really struck a chord with me! He calls upon us to let loose and celebrate our 'inner child', because what kids (and friends, and family) really want from a vacation is the ability for their loved ones to relax and have fun with them. 

Does he know what's up or what?

How are you spending your summertime?

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  1. Awe how cute is he?! But it's so true, when I'm on vacation, I barely pick up my phone unless it's to take a picture. Kids grow up SO fast! If you are too busy on your phone, their childhood will pass you by!

    1. I know, I made it a point to only check my phone/computer when the baby was asleep, and it felt great!

  2. Haha! Cute! I want B3 to remember his childhood like I remember mine being, which was sans technology (I'm old). I know that's not exactly realistic, but my goal is not to be cellphone mom.

    I'm glad you had fun in Florida! That ocean picture makes me a wee bit jealous. Looks refreshing, indeed.

  3. I LOVE Kid President! He's so wise and his words are SO true! Thank you so much for sharing with us at Waiting on...Wednesday! Hope to see you back next week!

    Holly @ www.iwillservewhileiwait.blogspot.com

  4. Here from WAiting Wednesday.
    I'm learning to let go and pare down. My 2 yr old grand baby just wants my attention, that's all. She's happy playing with rocks, as long as I'm there with her!

    1. Same here! as long as i'm right there, my baby is perfectly content playing and doing his own thing. I'm learning to slow down and just soak it all up before he's all grown up!


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