Holiday gift guide for adventure loving families

Not quite sure how it happened so fast, but here we are - 20 days away from Christmas. My last Christmas with a three-month-old was so fun (but a total blur), as many of our family and friends got to meet him for the first time. This year is gearing up to be even more fun with a toddler! When it comes to gifts, we're trying to maximize convenience and minimize costs. Below is a small round up of fun and/or useful gifts for the adventure-lovers in your life, all under $50. I received review samples of some of the products featured, and some are from small family businesses, which I'm always happy to support.

1. 59 Illustrated National Parks: Celebrating 100 Years of Wilderness and Wonder

I love art, retro style, and our amazing national parks, so this books was a big hit with me. It celebrates the 100th Anniversary of the United States National Park Service with 70 original illustrations (inspired by the classic WPA posters), photos, facts and stories of people who help preserve our great American wilderness parks. By Joel Anderson (Anderson Design Group, 2015). 160-page, 9"x12” hardcover, full-color. $49.95. 

2. Globe Totters City Blocks

My travel IGer pals Justin and Angela Clair just launched Globe Totters, an adorable line of handmade organic cotton blocks depicting different cities of the world. Ethically handmade in Brooklyn, NY, they use non-toxic water-based inks and are filled with 100% biodegradable materials.  The jingly cubes are machine-washable and suitable for newborn babies & up. Bi-Coastal Pack (NY + LA): $45.
I'm always searching for ways to take my yoga practice on the road. With this strap, I can easily attach my mat (or a sleeping bag!) to a backpack with a set of carabiners. It also simplifies trips to the yoga studio, since it has a removable zipper pocket for ID, credit cards, and D-rings to hang keys and a water bottle. It takes barely any space alone, and it's easy and quick to use. $29.50.

4) Armadillo LT Gaiter

Ok, this one is a little more obscure for non-extreme hikers, but with a mountaineer brother, I had to include it! (Shhhh he doesn't know he might be getting a pair of these for christmas!) These gaiters help keep mud, trail debris, and snow out of socks and hiking boots, keeping you dry during year-round hiking, snowshoeing, and other outdoor adventures. $49.00.

5) Hydrapak Stash Bottle

I'm cool with carrying around my glass/silicone water bottle, but my fiancé? Forget about it. He was a bit more interested in this bottle, however, since it's flexible and collapses when empty to less than three inches. That means no unnecessary weight and bulk in his man-diaper-bag. It's a pretty sweet bottle for traveling, too! $18 for 750ML; $23 for 1L.

What would you like to see in your stocking this year?

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