Arizona Vegetarian Food Festival

Arizona vegetarian food festival scottsdale
Location: Scottsdale, AZ.
Date: 01.10.15. 10am-6pm
Rating: ★★.

My favorite part of being back on Twitter has been finding out about local events that would otherwise pass me by; that's how I learned about the first edition of the Arizona Vegetarian Food Festival, which happened earlier this month in Scottsdale. I'm a vegetarian and I love food, so you can imagine my excitement! My sweet fiancé, although not a vegetarian, also loves food and the outdoors, so he was onboard as well.

Vendors lined up

The festival took place at the Scottsdale Civic Center Mall, a beautiful area downtown with gardens, fountains, art, restaurants and more. Last spring we attended the Great Arizona Picnic at the same location and fell in love!

Scottsdale Civic Center Mall

The day of the festival was cloudy and rainy, but we still dragged ourselves out from under the blankets and went. However, we might have gone too late - by the time we arrived at 3pm, many of the vendors were gone or out of food! MAJOR bummer. I did get some delicious Indian food from the Udupi Restaurant booth and the fiancé grabbed a cold brew. I was also happy to learn about the vegetarian restaurant search engine

This babe napped in his Ergobaby with my scarf/makeshift blanket around him the whole time!

We purchased discounted tickets through an online deal, and I'm glad we did, because truly, I was a bit disappointed. Maybe it was the weather, the fact that it was its first run, or simply because we went later in the day, but there were not a lot of attendees and not that many vendors. Some music would've also been great! Overall, though, it was a nice family-friendly outing. We walked around, talked to some nice people and enjoyed our afternoon together.

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